Hockey Pool

Welcome to the Pronghorns Hockey Annual Hockey Pool! Are you ready to have some fun with Pronghorns current and past players, friends and co-workers?

How it works:

Our “box pool” consists of several evenly matched groups of players put into different boxes. Your job… select one player from each box! Easy right?

Entry Fee – $20/ Team


Goals – 1 point
Assistants – 1 point
Goalies – 1 points for a win, 2 points for a shut out

Check out the prizes you could win!

How to Enter:

Step 1:

Click the link:

Pool Name: hornshockey

Pool Password: hornshockey2015

Pool Opens: October 5, 2015 5pm MST
Registration Closed: October 31, 2015 5pm MST

Step 2:

Hockey Pool Team Name

Payment must be received by October 31, 2015.

If payment is not received YOUR TEAM WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE POOL!

Contact information:
AGLC Licence #388060