1st Annual Horns Hockey Alumni Hockey Tournament


I wanted to officially invite you all to the 1st annual Horns Hockey Alumni Hockey Tournament. The Horns Hockey Alumni has been in operation since 2005 and when it was created it was to serve 2 purposes raise funds to contribute to the Hockey program in which we were all a part of and to grow the relationship between the past players and the current team. We do several fundraising events throughout the year including the Annual Golf tournament held at Paradise Canyon every July and the Steak & Lobster Dinner and Auction, which consequently this year will coincide with this tournament (2013 steak & lobster dinner). We would love to see all of you out for that event on Friday, April 5th.

We have all agreed that we would like to increase the bond that ties the current players to the alumni and get to know those guys on more of a personal level. It can help grow the program but also help the guys that are currently player for after school and hockey. Also, it is always a great time whenever old friends can find an excuse to have a few drinks together.

The Tournament will be on Saturday, April 6th at Henderson Area (Nic Sheran is booked until September) with registration starting at 3pm. I am sure a few of you will be attending the Steak & Lobster the night before, so it will bring you back to your university days with a back to backer! There will be 4 teams consisting of 4 different eras of the Horns and then 5 current players will be assigned to each team to get to know you guys a little bit better. The one advantage of being at Henderson is that we hope to be able to use the small ice (no longer in) for food and drinks before, during and after the games. There will be 4 games total, 2 teams play, the other 2 teams play, then the 2 losers and 2 winners. There will be beer and pizza provided along with 2 ice times per player and the cost to each of you will be $20 to helped us cover the costs of the ice rental and food/beer provided.

I was able to with the help of some of your fellow alumni track down a lot of contact emails but obviously there are many more, so if any of you know of guys that are not on this list, please forward this email on to them and make sure they know they are invited.

If you would like to attend, please let either myself, Ryan Epp, Dustin Moore, Greg Gatto, Brad Dersch, Jay Langager or Billy Katelnikoff know by the deadline of Thursday, March 28th

Really hope to see you all out to the Steak & Lobster and Hockey Tournament


PJ Lynch